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Counties Work to Clear Rural Roads

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By Addie Olson


County crews work on the roads that aren't traveled as much, and clearing them off can be a little trickier than city roads.

They can't pre–treat the gravel with the same chemical mix, so county road crews have to be prepared to head out as soon as the snow starts.

"We're ready to go at a moment's notice," said Kurt Bailey of Polk County Public Works. "Usually it takes about four or five hours for our trucks to get over their routes at least once."

Lighter winds during this storm should give way to easy clearing conditions, but it's hard to say exactly how long it will take.

"In this case it looks like the winds are going to be around 10–15 tomorrow, so we should hopefully be able to get everything cleaned up tomorrow as compared to past storms," said Bailey. "It really depends on the amount of snow; if we end up on the higher end it will take a little longer."

The best thing to do is stay off of the roads, but if you have to travel, they urge country drivers to stay safe.

"Slow down and watch your speed," said Bailey. "Allow plenty of stopping distance and they should be OK."

Tom Tierney of the Dallas County Road Department had similar advice.

"Stay home if you can," said Tierney. "I sure would if I had the choice."

"Give us a chance to get out there and get them cleaned up, and that's good advice for anybody as far as I'm concerned," Tierney said.

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