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Fake IRS Email Scamming Iowans

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By Alex Schuman



A scam trying to convince Iowans they made a mistake on their tax return is filling inboxes across the state.

The Better Business Bureau of Iowa warns of several, official-looking emails that get sent out designed to look like they are from the IRS.

They tell you there is an issue with your tax return and need your credit information to solve it. 

A good way to spot this scam and many others is to first look at the URL or internet address.  It might say IRS somewhere in it, but look closely in case it is not an official website.

Also check if an email that claims to be addressed to you just happened to also get sent to hundreds of other email addresses.

"People say, 'Who falls for this?'  Well, you know, it's sad to say, but a lot of people do fall for it," said Chris Coleman, Better Business Bureau of Iowa president.  "If they weren't making money off these scams they'd stop."

The biggest red flag for this particular scam is that the IRS never initiates a conversation with you via email unless you email them first.

If you get a message like this call the IRS or the BBB to find out if it's a scam.

You can reach the Better Business Bureau of Iowa by calling: 1-800-222-1600

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