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Renovations to Valley High School Boast New Science Labs

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By Addie Olson


A new addition to Valley High School opened up to students after Christmas break.

The renovations feature a brand new cafeteria, as well as a new wrestling room, weight room, food and consumer science rooms and science labs. Valley Principal Tom Mollison said there is a little something for everyone.

"It's going to breed a lot of enthusiasm for students for different reasons," said Mollison. "And it's going to reach all of our students."

For science teachers, the renovations meant a night and day difference from their previous facilities.

"In some of the old classrooms we didn't have both hot and cold water, some of the electrical outlets didn't work, so this is a great improvement," said Jeff Dyer, a biology and anatomy teacher.

The labs are much larger and feature big windows to let in light.

"Sunlight is huge," Dyer said. "For over thirty years a lot of the science classrooms didn't have the availability of sunlight, so it makes it a lot brighter, more enjoyable to be up here."

Dyer said it makes coming to work every day a little more exciting, and a lot of the students feel the same way.

"I think kids were excited once the new addition was opened up to spend the time up here from where we were before," Dyer said.

The renovation plans were made a few years ago, and they should be the last ones that Valley will need for a while.

"Hopefully it's something that's going to last for a long, long time," Dyer said.

They are currently finishing up the last phase of the plan, which is focused on turning the old cafeteria into an auditorium. It should be completed by the end of next year.

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