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New Emergency Response System in the Works for Iowa

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Addie Olson


A new wireless broadband system would allow doctors to see what's going on at an accident in real–time.

Emergency responders know that every second matters.

"Any time we could save, even five minutes, could make a difference," said Sgt. Thomas Lampe.

A new wireless system would be able to save that time by showing doctors what's happening, as it's happening.

"When you can stream video for vitals and photos straight to a doctor that's at a controlled environment, who can watch vitals as they come in the hospital and maybe tell people, 'Hey, you need to watch that person because their vitals are dropping,'  it's valuable," said Lampe. "It will save lives."

The broadband system will also give responders access to high speed mapping, and police will be able to share traffic conditions in real time.

"Versus just having the trooper tell you, 'We have a lane blockage here you can't get through,' you can show that live," said Lampe. "It saves him time having to talk."

It's just like a 4G data network, but dedicating it solely to public safety will make the system fast and reliable.

"The world we live in is data and texting and streaming video," said Lampe. "So public safety is going to be a part of that, and we need a network that's going to stream that with no interruptions."

The system should be ready within the next few years, but an exact date has not yet been determined.

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