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Cold Weather Overnight

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by Phil Prazan


It is cold out! Wednesday night and into Thursday morning we'll be seeing single digits.

According to the Iowa State Patrol, that's cold enough even to freeze any pre-treatment and salt brine on the roads.

The roads are going to freeze over so be careful on the most hazardest parts.  On-ramps, off-ramps, bridges and overpasses will be the trouble spots.

There have been people sliding into ditches all day Wednesday so if you go out overnight or in the morning, remember that could always be a possibility.

Sgt. Bright from the Iowa State Patrol says even if you have four wheel drive you need to slow down.  The speed limits are meant for perfect driving conditions.

If you do slide into a ditch, don't spend a lot of time outside of your car. Frostbite can come on in minutes.

If you think you have frost bite run the part of the body under warm - not hot - water.  If you're feeling tingly, that's actually okay because in the worst cases of frostbite you won't feel anything.
"Your life is at risk.  You can prevent that by preparing for it.  If you're going to go out tonight - pack some extra clothing, pack some blankets.  Make sure your cell phone battery is fully charged.  Make sure you have a full tank of gas," says Sgt. Scott Bright from the Iowa State Patrol.

Some other winter driving tips to keep in mind: you shouldn't use cruise control when roads might be slick, avoid stopping or steering abruptly, and again the number one thing is just slow down.

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