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Big Change to Your Ballot Proposed By Lawmaker

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By Alex Schuman


Some Iowans don't want to read the whole ballot when they walk into a voting booth.  They know what party they align with, and vote for everyone in their political party by checking off a box in the 'Straight Party Voting," section. 

"It's my opinion that they should look at the individuals," said Rep. Peter Cownie, R-West Des Moines.

Cownie said you should know the candidates no matter what party you vote for.  And he's trying to enforce that idea with his new law, which ends your option to vote the straight party ticket.

The bill made it out of subcommittee Tuesday afternoon, but left some, with questions. 

"Why are we doing this?  Why would we change the law?," said Rep. Cindy Winckler, D-Davenport.

Winckler voted no in the subcommittee.  She does not see a problem with the current system and thinks voting the party ticket is convenient.

"You can still do it," said Cownie. "You can still vote for everyone if you believe in that party."

Cownie believes by taking away this option for voters, it will make the process less partisan and less political.

"It is a political decision that you're making about one of your government entities.  So I don't know how you could take politics out of the voting process," said Winckler.

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