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Gun Debate Spreads to Iowa

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by Phil Prazan



After President Obama's gun policy speech Wednesday, the fault lines for the debate center around a familiar topic: what can and should the federal government do in regards to gun control?
"Not a single thing that the president proposed today - not by executive order and not by proposed legislation - takes away one single gun from any one single law abiding citizen in this country," says Sue Dvorsky from the Iowa Democratic Party.

She re-iterates that after the Newtown, CT shooting, doing nothing is unacceptable.  She says even if policies can't solve all of the problems, that won't deter them from trying to implement new laws.

But Aaron Dorr, the Executive Director of Iowa Gun Owners, disagrees with the President.

He doesn't like the idea of federal limits and universal background checks on law abiding citizens - in order to stop the few who commit these crimes.
"Any time you try to take law abiding Americans - in this case law abiding Iowans - and take away weapons from them that you use for self defense.  All you're doing is creating an environment where the criminals amongst us who disobey the laws, by definition,have the upper hand," says Dorr.

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