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Wesley Life On-The-Spot Flu Clinic

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by Phil Prazan




The flu shot rush has been felt here in central Iowa.  Some places will temporarily run out of the vaccine, and get restocked a few days later.

So Saturday, local nonprofit stepped up and threw together a flu shot clinic at the last minute.

Friday, Wesley Life had no idea that they would be putting on a flu clinic Saturday.  But after they felt the community needed it, their staff volunteered to come in.
105 people came in to Wesley Life Saturday to get their flu shot.

Many people had a hard time finding them around town and heard you could get them here.

Wesley Life care givers came in for the weekend to give shots to all ages; from senior citizens to 9 years old.

Health officials say the more people have the flu shot, the better it is for everybody; and each day is a battle to spread the word for better health.
"My wife called me and told me on the cell phone and said they were doing it down at Wesley Life today and she knew I'd been waiting to get a flu shot and I thought this would be a good day to do it," says Paul Krantz, who got the flu shot today.
"Once the community need came up, we just responded and we're here today to be able to offer for those vaccines," says Jackie Matt from Wesley Life.
When asked why they set this up at the last minute; Wesley Life said their overall focus is health and welfare, so this just fits right in to their core values.

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