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220 People Got Flu Shot Friday

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People are seeing how serious this flu season is and not taking any chances. At the Polk County Health Department on Friday, 220 people got their flu shot.
It takes just a few seconds, and most people don't even feel a thing. Melissa Patterson knew it was time to get the flu shot for her two daughters and herself.
"Then I'm deciding to get one after nine years 'cause it's such a scare. The flu is everywhere."

With all the people the Patterson family comes into contact with, Melissa wanted to be protected.

"It's been a little while since I've actually worked outside the home and my kids both are now in school," she said.

The flu vaccine takes two weeks to build immunity in your body. This year's vaccine is about 62% effective. Typically it's between 50-70%.
"We do know that one of the viruses that we're seeing a lot of has been associated with more serious illness," said Sarah Boese of the Polk County Health Department. "Those strains are covered by the flu vaccination this year."

With so many people getting shots now, some pharmacies are out of the vaccine and are not re-filling..

"We'll be exploring all possibilities to order more vaccines for next week since we are operating with a limited supply right now," Boese said.

Polk County Health plans to continue to provide the vaccine Monday-Friday on a walk-in basis.
Two useful flu facts for you: flu germs can last 2-8 hours on a surface, and people with the flu are most contagious when they have a fever or are in the first five days of symptoms.

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