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ISU Students Gets Awesome Opportunity

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By Alex Schuman


It might be tough to see through Friday's fog and the snow, but Jack Trice Stadium makes a pretty cool office.

"It's blue grass," said Kevin Hansen, a senior at Iowa State University.

Kevin's part of the team who makes that blue grass green.  He decided a few years ago he wanted to make it his job, to be on a football field.

"I just love being outside and football's a great sport too," he said.

Kevin works on ISU's turf management team.  During the summer, he interned with the Green Bay Packers and used their help to apply for a special job they only give one student in the turf management world - a trip to the Super Bowl.

It's part of the Toro Company's Super Bowl Sports Turf Training Program

"I saw a call coming from Minnesota and my heart kinda dropped cause I knew that Toro's based out of Minnesota.  And I mean, it's still especially now that I'm getting all these interviews and stuff it's kinda hitting home I'm actually going to the Super Bowl," he said.  "Let alone be on the sideline."

He will work with some of the top people in his field from the NFL, MLB, and Toro Co. teams.

"It's an amazing opportunity," he said.  "Even if I have to sit there and hold a string all day.  It's fine with me."

Kevin will spend seven days helping with the practice fields and painting.  He hopes he gets the chance to prepare one of those fields for the same people who helped him get there.  Even though, he's a Cowboys fan.

"It'd be great to see the Packers there.  I really got a love for them now too," Kevin said. 

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