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150 Sidewalk Fines Shoveled Out

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If your sidewalk is still covered in ice and snow, you could get a $50 ticket. Des Moines city code says all property owners have 48 hours after the snow stops to get those walkways cleared.

Two weeks after the blizzard and roads are pretty good to drive on, but not all sidewalks are ready for foot traffic.

One person out walking them is Des Moines Sidewalk Compliance Coordinator John Evans.

"Oh it's very important," he said with a camera in hand. He's documenting what he finds.

Icy sidewalks are dangerous to everyone, especially those in wheelchairs who can't get around mounds of snow.

"We are plowing that snow row around those pedestrian ramps on the corners, but it's still the abutting owner's responsibility," Evans explained.

Evans and two other inspectors don't patrol the city; they only follow up on complaints. They've received 200 in the past two weeks.

"Sometimes folks call in the same address two or three times two or three days in a row."

So far, about 150 property owners have gotten that $50 ticket in the mail.

One man said he was out of town and just hasn't gotten around to shoveling. The owner of Rainbow Dry Cleaners in the Ingersoll district said he thought his son had already done it, and that he'll get on top of it Saturday.

"Being a business they're actually inviting people to come onto their property so they should be even more stringent in their snow and ice control," Evans said.

With 30 degree temperatures this weekend, Evans said it's a good opportunity to make sure he doesn't have to come to your property.

"Please get out and chip away some of that ice while it's melting."

Another important thing to know: you cannot clear the snow into the streets. If you do, that's a $100 fine.

If you'd like to report a sidewalk, you can call (515) 283-4950.

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