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New Years Resolution Flips Over Obstacles

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by Phil Prazan


Ethan Polson from Ankeny had a goal some might think a little weird: one backflip every day for an entire year.

He recorded his flips so everyone could see them on YouTube.

In the video Ethan does back flips all over the place, finding time to flip between schoolwork and theater rehearsals.

But then you'll notice something different at about the 2:40 mark in the video: a toy kangaroo doing the flips for him.

Well that's because in March of 2012, Ethan had surgery to remove cancer from his hand and was bedridden for a month. He used the kangaroo until, on April 20th, with the help of his sister, he was back at the backflips, rounding out the year.

"It just feels great to know that I went out on the first day and I said I was going to do it and I just kept doing it straight through the entire year," says Polson.  "You got to finish what you start.  If you really want to do something then you just have to keep at it; no matter what hits you."

Ethan wishes good luck to all those New Year's resolutions.

He knows of one person in Germany who is taking on his challenge of doing a back flip every day for a year.


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