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Iowa State Patrol is Ready for Active Shooters

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by Phil Prazan


Tragedies like the one at Sandy Hook are un-thinkable for many people.  But law enforcement officers have to think about those things and prepare for them.

We got a behind the scenes look at some of that training today.

Sgt. Scott Bright is training on what's called a MILO machine.

Something State Patrolmen do twice a year- not to learn how to shoot, or how to use pepper spray - but to decide when to use them.

These scenarios prepare them for numerous situations; anywhere from a traffic stop to an active shooter inside a church, business or school.

 "It helps us to prepare that if we are called to an active shooter at a school, we know how to respond.  We know what to look for.  We're trained.  We're ready to go.  Hopefully that will not happen in the State of Iowa but we are prepared and ready if it does happen," says Sgt. Bright.

The scenarios reinforce the idea that there's no such thing as a routine traffic stop or routine call.

Law enforcement has to be ready for anything to happen at any time.

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