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Iowans' Thoughts on Cliff Deal

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by Phil Prazan


Iowans are concerned with just how long it took for the fiscal cliff deal to come together and with another deadline coming up in a few months, the business community is worried about their future.

"It's just a band-aid unfortunately, they keep giving us reasons to use that over done phrase, kick the can down the road.  Because that's really how it feels like this is going," says Kristin Failor, from National Federation of Independent Business.
Local businesses said today they're worried about the month to month uncertainty with the economy.

Waiting until the last minute like this last deal is creating a lot of stress on the Iowa economy.

But Drake Professor Art Sanders says businesses might need to just get used to it.

In fact he says, Congress is so polarized they have to create artificial deadlines in order to get anything done.
"It accomplished something that is important that had to be accomplished.  What's going to anger the public is how long it took to get this much done," says Sanders.
He warns that the fiscal uncertainty could be a common theme for the next two years, until we get another election.

He says the only way to stop these grid locks is to elect more moderate office holders.

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