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Remembering Iowa Woman Murdered in Denver

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Jessica Daley


It's a tragedy that's reaching from Denver to West Des Moines to the Iowa State campus to facebook. People are remembering a young woman who had a lot more life to live.

Valley High School and Iowa State University graduate Emily Weikert, 25, was murdered Thursday morning in a parking garage in Greenwood Village, Co., a suburb of Denver, where she was living.

"I cried. That was - it was a shock," said ISU professor Rick Dark who met Emily Weikert her freshman year at Iowa State when she joined the finance club.

"I've had many very good students who are just very, very special people. She was special among them," he said.

By graduation in December 2009, Emily had made a name for herself on campus for her academics and involvement. She was selected as a student marshal for the commencement ceremony.

Another professor, who is now the dean of the business school, also remembers her fondly.

"First time you meet her you just instantly like her," said Michael Crum.

He believed in and trusted Emily so much he asked her to baby sit his children while he and his wife were out of town.

"She's the kind of young person you want to put in front of your kids," Crum said. "She's just a great role model."

On facebook, people poured out their love for her. One person saying simply "We miss you" another writing "the memories with you will always be cherished."

Those who knew her say they'll never forget the sweet, kind, personable girl who loved music and was always smiling.

They say they just can't understand why someone would take her life. With the suspect dead, that's something they'll probably never find out.

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