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Red Kettle Campaign Winding Down

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by Phil Prazan



The Salvation Army's Red Kettle Campaign is winding down.  Christmas Eve will be the last day the bell ringers are posted at kettles.

$1.2 million is what they are trying to raise, and they fell just 2% short of that last year.
The many volunteers who you'll see ringing bells are closing in on their target.

In person donations contribute about 40%of the total campaign funds.

But there has been some mishaps this year; two red kettle bells were stolen and this most recent blizzard forced the volunteers off the sidewalk for a couple days.

If last year's number hold true that blizzard cost the campaign $31,000.

But there's some good news.

Arvid Huisman from the Salvation Army says the word is getting out because of the focus on advertising and marketing.

Word is being spread about the many programs the Salvation Army does, and it's causing people to donate.
"Sometimes our financial conditions prohibit gives as much as we like or we get a little callous.  But when we go shopping and we hear those, we here the bells ringing and we see the red kettles, it reminds us of the need to help others," says Huisman.
Now the Salvation Army won't know exactly how much they raised until all the mail donations come in and they give those until the middle of January.

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