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Parked Cars Slow Down Plow Drivers

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Jessica Daley


The strategy for metro plowing crews is to first clear the primary roads. That meant Des Moines crews didn't even get to residential roads until after 3:00 p.m.

More than 50 plow drivers are charged with clearing neighborhood streets. Driver Johnnie White has been doing this for 30 years.

His truck has two plows, which reduces the amount of passes needed to clear a road from three to just two. Roads can be plowed faster and get you on your way faster.

But White gets slowed down when cars are left on the streets.

A new city ordinance this season requires people to move vehicles off the streets to allow the plows to get through.

"All we ask is a little cooperation from the public," said White. "If they give us that, why, we'll give them a nice job. They'll be able to get in and out. It'll be curb to curb - a good, safe road to drive on."

If you don't move your car, expect to get a $35 ticket and to get buried in. To save yourself some money and a lot of shoveling, you need to find a place off the street to park.

There are some exceptions to the new parking ordinance for the busiest neighborhoods including: Carpenter, Drake, Drake Park, Riverbend and Sherman Hill. They are allowing people to park on one side of the road at a time and alternate depending on if it's an odd or even day.
If you want to know when the plows are coming to your neighborhood, you can subscribe to email alerts at or get text alerts by texting "dmsnow" to 96362. You can follow Des Moines Public Works on facebook and twitter.

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