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Stay Safe on Winter Roads

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by Phil Prazan



The DOT is urging people to stay off the roads from 8 pm Wednesday until noon Thursday, but if you have to venture out, there are some ways to stay safe.

We spoke with the Iowa State Patrol. They say there's going to be more collisions and breakdowns on the road, so it's a good idea not to drive at all.
But if you do brave the weather, here are some things to remember.

Speed limits are designed for dry weather conditions, not for when the roads are coated with ice and snow.  So whatever's posted, you need to go slower than that.

Also don't use cruise control anywhere and don't accelerate quickly.  The most dangerous areas are those icy bridges and on and off ramps for the interstate.
"People are recommended not to travel.  We're going to put a recommendation out that people stay home and stay safe and not travel on the roadways.  You know this is probably going to be the first snow storm that people have driven in eight months so they have to get accustomed to driving in the snow again," says Sgt. Scott Bright from the Iowa State Patrol.
Another thing to remember is it's going to take you some extra time to get to work or school Thursday.

So plan ahead, leave early and drive slow.

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