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CALM Act Saves Ears from Loud Commercials

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Jessica Daley


A new government law in effect Thursday requires TV stations and cable and satellite providers to regulate the sound level between commercials and programming.

The CALM Act, or Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation Act, became law last year, but a one year grace period made Dec. 13 the day it went into effect.

You never know when a commercial will sneak up on you and blast the volume.

"It's my dad's biggest pet–peeve that the commercials are so damn loud," said Steven Mischel of West Des Moines.

"I would say that some of the local commercials were probably the worst offenders, maybe some car dealerships. I can't think of one in particular," Marie Harms said.

Harms is one of the many people who have their remote ready to turn their show back up after an extra loud commercial.

"I've definitely noticed the commercials when we watch TV. A lot of times I would mute the commercials. So this is a good thing."

Marie's talking about the CALM Act which requires commercials to be the same volume as programming. That can be done with a device called an audio monitor and manager.

"Once digital came into play and all that, it's become more of a factor of people complaining about commercials," said ABC5 General Manager Russ Hamilton. "So this new piece of equipment and everything makes it so we can do it and do it efficiently."

The act may even help advertisers because people like Marie won't put them on mute or change the channel.

Hopefully you've noticed a difference on ABC5. We made the change more than a month ago.

However, if there are still advertisers who you think are breaking the law on any station, you can file a complaint with the FCC.

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