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Des Moines Skywalk Gets Upgrade

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by Phil Prazan


If you've ever been misled in the Des Moines' skywalk system, you're probably not alone.

It's been years since all those signs got an update. But now, the city is replacing and updating its old signs in the skywalk.

Just some examples of outdates signs are the routes pointing you toward the Younkers that closed in 2005.

So the city teamed up with PUSH Branding and Design to use $460,000 on renovating the skywalk. The new plans will make finding your location in the skywalk much easier.

Brand new street signs in the skywalk will also let you know which street you're walking over. And someday, the signs may even have LED screens in them.

"The actual installation, so that's the fun part and we're just getting that kicked off today actually.  So that's the goal of the project is to keep people up to date on the information and keep the information relevant on each of the signs," says Calvin Miller, the Skywalk Facilities Manager.

The city plans to finish in late February, just before the state basketball tournament.

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