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Pets for Christmas? Bad Idea

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By Lisa Martone

DES MOINES -- Pets are cute and cuddly and will love you unconditionally but if you're thinking of spreading that love to family and friends, think again.

"That is ridiculous," said Sara Funke of Greenfield, who spent her Sunday looking for a new dog at the Animal Rescue League of Iowa. "You would not get someone else a pet. That is something personal and they need to pick one out themselves."

Ridiculous, but it happens all the time. The Animal Rescue League of Iowa is reminding people that pets are not a good Christmas gift.

"We most often see that people were not looking for another pet and were given one, so then they would bring it to the shelter," said Stephanie Filer of the ARL.

In fact if you tell the ARL the animal is for another person, they want let you adopt.

"We really want to make sure that when people bring home an animal that it is going to be their forever home," said Filer.

The ARL does offer gift certificates, so that is an option, or just bring the person in with you so they can pick out the animal that best fits their needs.

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