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Vigil in Des Moines for Evansdale Girls

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By Alex Schuman


People gathered at Gray's Lake to sing Christmas carols and hymns, hoping their voices and prayers could be heard all the way in Evansdale.

It's their way of supporting Lyric Cook-Morrisey and Elizabeth Collins' families.  Some, like Eugenna Jamieson, could not believe how many people came.

"Sometimes this town really surprises me," Jamieson said.

She grew up near Evansdale and put herself in the families' shoes.

"I never want anyone to lose their kids," she said.

Jamieson and others brought candles from home and wore pink with the hope others from Des Moines cared enough to do the same. 

No one who came knows the parents, or knew the girls.  But as they lifted off lanterns in their memory, they hoped their support from over a hundred miles away, might lift the families' spirits. 

"Knowing that the whole community is supporting them - I hope that brings them a little comfort," said Jollene Lowe.  "But I can't imagine what they're going through."

"It's so far away, but it's still close," said Jamieson.  "We're all connected.  It's Iowa's kids."

Send any donations to the "Elizabeth and Lyric Fund" for the family's final expenses to the address listed below.

First Security Bank

3600 LaFayette Rd

Evansdale, IA 50707

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