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Public Forum for District 22

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by Phil Prazan



Campaign 2012 is not over for residents of Iowa's 22nd State Senate District.

On December 11th, officials will hold a special election to fill the seat.

Republican Pat Ward passed away from breast cancer in October, but her name remained on the ballot.

The Republican Party picked a candidate to run for her seat, and today Republican Charles Schneider faced off with Democratic challenger Desmund Adams at the wWaukee Public Library.

After all of the hotly contested races and partisan rhetoric this fall, It was pretty positive and cooperative Saturday as Iowans from Senate District 22 got a look at these special election candidates.
Democratic business owner Desmund Adams and West Des Moines City Councilmember Charles Schneider each had two minutes to answer a number of questions.

They agreed on many items, including lowering corporate taxes; Adams even suggesting cutting the rate in half.

The projected state surplus of over $700 million split them: with Schneider suggesting to hold on to the reserves while Adams was for being a good steward of the resources.

Schneider would support a state constitutional amendment for the definition of marriage, which Iowans would vote on.

Adams wants the U.S. supreme court to decide.

Many questions focused on how they will work with the other side of the aisle, a growing concern as the Iowa State House is once again split.
"Establishing good relationships and good working relationships and focusing on solving a problem rather than cashing in political chips or scoring political scores," says Rep. Charles Schneider.
"The flattest pancake has two sides, no matter how strong you feel about your issue; there is someone who feels just as strong on the other side of that issue," says Dem. Desmund Adams.

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