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$1.5 Million in Unclaimed Lotto Winnings in 2012

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By Alex Schuman



The night of the Powerball drawing people stood in long lines and clerks printed thousands of tickets, but now that we know the winning numbers Powerball fever has broken.

Of course, we all know Iowa did not get any of the big winners, but some locals may have won smaller prizes and just don't know it.  

"Even if you didn't win the jackpot - check your ticket," said Mary Neubauer, Iowa Lottery's spokesperson.  "Because there are nine other ways you can win in the game."

According to Iowa Lottery, around $1.5 million will go unclaimed in this year alone.   And that's not uncommon, especially with big jackpots that bring out lots of first time players.

The smaller winnings can range from a four dollars to a two million.

"We've had prizes of all sizes go unclaimed," said Neubauer.

The lottery gives people a year to turn in their tickets.  Once that date passes, the money goes back in the pool to be won by someone else who will hopefully show up to claim it.

"We're just afraid they maybe set the ticket aside and never checked it," she said.

Seven tickets remain unclaimed in Iowa.  Check to see if one could be yours by clicking HERE.

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