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6 Neglected, Malnourished Horses Rescued

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Jessica Daley



Six horses on the brink of starvation are now in the care of the Animal Rescue League in Des Moines.

From 15 years old to just six months, these horses didn't have proper food, water or any shelter and the acre lot in Union County was littered with junk.

Their ribs, hips, and spines are easy to see which means they are extremely unhealthy.

One of them also has an infected wound on her leg that will now be properly taken care of. The Union County owner told officials he couldn't afford treatment.

Scott Wilson with the ARL says it's probably been a month or two that they haven't gotten enough to eat.

"It could take several months to get them up to full healthy condition," he says. "You don't want to put the weight on too quickly. You want to make sure you're not stressing their systems that are already stressed."

A concerned person called in Saturday. By Thursday the Union County Sheriff was able to get a warrant to take the horses.

It's not cheap taking care of such large animals that need a lot of food and some medical attention, so the ARL is asking for donations to help care for the horses.

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