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Wish Come True for Fort Dodge Girl

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Jessica Daley



Think back to when you were nine years old. What was your biggest wish? For a Fort Dodge girl, it's all about Disney.
Two little girls glue their eyes on the ice. It's just the skaters warming up, but they can't wait for the one and only Disney On Ice to begin.

"There's like Disney princesses and the Lion King." Nine-year-old Lucy Seward got even more excited walking from her VIP suite to her floor seats just feet from the ice.

She's not a celebrity and her parents didn't spend a fortune to spoil her. The Make-A-Wish Foundation is treating.
"My mom told me that like there's going to be Make-A-Wish. She told me all the good things about having surgery," said Lucy. "And I'm like, 'Having surgery is going to be fun.' But then I'm like laying in bed like, 'This is not fun.'"

While going on adventures and writing books are things she loves, Lucy has to take it easy sometimes because she has a life-threatening heart condition.

She had her first surgery at nine-days-old with an open heart surgery before she even turned six months. During her latest one a month ago, she had a loop recorder implanted to monitor her heart.
"She'll look back at a time that was really hard and painful and scary at times and have a wonderful memory of being lavished with great experiences," said Lucy's mom Amy Seward.

Those experiences include a limo ride to the well, meeting Mickey and Minnie, a private dinner in a suite, floor suites and a trip to Florida.

"I chose Disney World because my Aunt Hannah lives there, and she's my favorite aunt," said Lucy.

The Seward's head south next week for even more Disney fun, but first they soak up all the magic right in front of them.
Lucy is doing fine now and shouldn't need another surgery for at least five years.
By that time, maybe she'll be ready for another trip to Disney.

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