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Grinnell Point Guard Smashes Scoring Record

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by Phil Prazan


Tuesday night a record many thought unbreakable wasn't only broken, it was shattered.

Now the attention of the basketball world is focused on Grinnell College.
Number 3, Jack Taylor, in a game versus Faith Baptist Bible made 52 out of his 108 shots, scoring 138 points in a single game.
It was more than good enough to break the old record of 113 points from 1954.

And here's another stat sure to amaze: in the second half, he averaged four points every minute.

As the designated scorer on the team, his teammates kept feeding him the ball as designed in the overall team strategy. This strategy creates a lot of shots and a lot of points and Tuesday was just Jack's night to shine.

"I found out how many points I had in front of my teammates.  They were happier than I was and that meant a lot to me and the coaching staff was just as supportive," says Jack Taylor.

Taylor transferred to Grinnell College this year, so this was only his third game playing for the Pioneers.

Grinnell College plays William Penn next.

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