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SUV Takes Detour Through Yards

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by Phil Prazan


Urbandale families came home from work Tuesday evening to quite the surprise: a car took a little detour through their yards.

A woman drove through four yards before crashing into someone's garage. Urbandale Police say that she had a medical condition and doesn't remember exactly what happened.

The green SUV was heading north on Colby Woods Drive.

Suddenly the driver swerved onto the grass, crashed through two fenced in back yards, barely missed a wooden swing set, ramped over a garden, crossed a street- taking out several signs along the way, finally landing in a garage.

Nobody was hit by the car and the driver walked away from the accident. She was taken to the hospital for observation.

Most of the neighborhood on–lookers were trying to imagine the off road adventure and were on the phone telling neighbors and family how their day got a lot more interesting.

"My wife had sent me a message and called right away that somebody had drove through the back yard.  My first question was 'Were the girls okay?' because they play down here all the time, especially on a day like today.  It's just amazing that nobody was outside," says Shane Gray, the owner of a yard that the SUV crashed through.

Neighbors tell ABC5 that a few months ago the same kind of thing happened. A parking brake from a car went out and the car slid down into a house just two houses away from this accident.

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