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Sen. Marco Rubio Speaks at Branstad's Birthday

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By Alex Schuman


Gov. Terry Branstad celebrated his 66th birthday Saturday night at the Palace Theater in Adventureland with a special guest.

Branstad has spent a little less than a third of his life leading Iowa.  In order to celebrate our longest serving governor, the fundraiser was themed everything Iowa, and everything Branstad.

Guests could try out the Branstad's trademark look at a mustache station,  enjoy cupcakes lined up in the shape of Iowa's flag or maybe eat a piece of the Statehouse cake.

Of course, it would not be fair representation of everything Iowa unless there was a rumored candidate for President somewhere nearby.

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, R-FL, who's visit tonight gained national speculation he may be testing the waters for the 2016 Caucus, said he is just in town for Branstad's, "second annual 65th birthday." 

Rubio promises the Republican Party will recover from their losses in the last election, and claims Iowa may have some of the solutions. 

"The leadership in Iowa has shown us in some ways a way forward," Rubio said. "How government can work with it's citizens to make life better and look at the results - 5.1 percent unemployment."

That's a number Branstad is proud of, but wants to see go even lower.  He plans to continue his work on tax and education reform as he looks forward to his 19th year as governor, and 66th year on Earth.

"We're on a roll," Branstad said.  "We want to keep it going and we need the legislature to work with us.  I'm confident we can get that done."

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