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A State Fair Tradition May Be at an End

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By Alex Schuman



After this year's Iowa State Fair Larry Fyfe closed his deep fried Twinkie stand and put it inside a warehouse with all his other concession stands.

He thought he would bring it outside next year just like he has since 2005.  Then, he heard the news Hostess shut down.

"I was a little surprised," said Larry Fyfe, owner of Fyfe Concessions.

Fried Twinkies make up about a third of that specific stand's business. 

He says he plans to just evolve his business plan if the Twinkie goes extinct. 

"I would try to replace it with something new if the fair would be let me out there," he said.

One other type of business hurt is all their discount outlet stores, which now have to close.  The manager of the local Bakery Outlet did not want to comment, but their customers complained about the end of an era - and the end of a cheaper option. 

"It's just sad," said Adam Alexander, a Des Moines resident.  "Now you have to go to the bigger stores and buy more expensive things for the kids.  It's hard on everybody's pocket really."

Fyfe's not totally sold that the brand will die.

"It's a popular item," he said. 

He hopes either the union and management renegotiate, or someone buys the Twinkie brand and starts to sell them by fair time.

"Just gotta hope for the best," he said.

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