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Democratic National Convention Preview

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By Mark Curtis

Now that the Republicans have successfully finished their convention and launched their fall campaign, it's the Democrats turn in Charlotte.

Political analysts say the President has to claim a laundry list of accomplishments. "I'm sure he'll bring up the military a total liberal agenda gays in the military, it's okay now; the bin Laden capture and killing. That will I'm sure be brought up. The fact that they saved General Motors and they will tout the stimulus," said political analyst Buddy Cianci.

The struggling economy remains the big issue with unemployment high analysts say President Obama will have to stand on his record.

"Any candidate can talk about hope; any candidate can talk about change. It's a matter of defining what it is and you can't advocate change when you are the incumbent," said Rhode Island College Professor Dr. Kay Israel.

With polls showing the race dead even, a lot of the candidate's focus will be on the toss up states including Florida, Ohio, and Iowa.

"Visits. Romney was here last week. Obama's going to be here next week. So you try everything to reach those last minute, last few people and then you hope you have a pretty good get out the vote effort, to make sure your folks get to the polls," said Simpson College Professor Dr. John Epperson.

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