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Bullied Grand View Student Sues University, Athletes Over Injury

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By Ron Marasco




Rough-housing that got out of hand.  That's how a lawsuit filed by an attorney for former Grand View University student Cameron Fagen describes it. 

Fagen alleges in April he was wrapped in carpet, duct taped, and then kicked and punched as well as beaten with a broom handle right in the middle of a school common room in Nielsen Hall, an on-campus dorm. 

Fagen was immobilized during the incident, which lasted 38 minutes, and fell to the ground breaking his jaw.  He required surgery, and now he and his lawyer are seeking damages for what's being described as a "serious and permanent injury."

The lawsuit alleges the injury was so severe that Mercy Hospital believed they were "unable to provide proper care for the complicated and serious injuries suffered in the incident."  Fagen had to be transported to University of Iowa Medical Center.

The lawsuit claims Fagen could not speak for nearly three weeks, and could not eat solid food until the end of June. 

By all accounts Fagen loved sports, and according to his former roommate loved to hang around athletes.  It was some of these same athletes that allegedly injured Fagen. 

"He's not a bad kid," said sophomore Daniel Paiva.  "He's a good kid...real shy, real quiet kid.  He actually hung out in our room a lot.  You know we hung out with the kid, kind of took him under our wing because he was kind of an underling."

Some students we talked to said it started out as fun and no malicious intent was directed toward Fagen. 

"There's pictures, videos where it appears Cameron's having a good time," said Chase Carlson, Fagen's former roommate and  current student body vice-president. "I talked to Cameron and asked him kind of more details on what happened.  From what he explained to me, he said that it was just kind of a freak accident.  They were messing around, and he wasn't angry at anybody."

"Guys are gonna pick on each other," said Paiva.   "We all do it to each other, but just this one incident a kid got hurt, and it was purely an accident." 

The lawsuit names six individual defendants - Adam Ehlers, Jake Rosander, Erik Moore, Zac Crain, Eric Bagby, and Ross Iddings - as well as the university.

Students told ABC5 the school suspended all six, and all but two have since left the school.  Those two are football players Moore and Rosander.  We're told the two are no longer allowed to live in resident housing.

The lawsuit also alleges the entire incident was caught on security cameras and the school was negligent for not intervening.

The university denies any wrongdoing telling ABC5 in part: "We do not believe we are negligent in any way...We investigated right away and as a result, most students involved are no longer on campus...We don't condone bullying and will continue to act swiftly and appropriately if anything like this happens again...Students are adults, which makes them responsible for their own actions."

The lawsuit does not specify how much Fagen is seeking in damages.

Calls left for Fagen and his attorney Roxanne Conlin seeking comment were not returned.

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