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President Obama at Living History Farms

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by Phil Prazan



Ten thousand people showed up to Living History Farms to watch President Obama call out his opposing party a little bit more.

Experts say he's trying to make this a choice election and it definitely showed Saturday.

On almost every issue President Obama made a distinct difference between his view and the Republican Party's.

He says that their ideas were suited for last century and that they have no real plan for the future.

In his speech, the President disagreed with finite medicare vouchers, cutting college tuition tax credits and lowering taxes on incomes over $250,000.

He encouraged people that this wasn't a time to re-fight the battles of the last four years, he wants people to move "forward" - which is also the slogan for his re-election campaign.
"We've got more troops we have to bring home. We've got more veterans we got to take care of.  We've got more doors of opportunity to open to every single American whose willing to work hard and work through them.  We've come to far to turn back now," says President Obama.
He also spoke in Sioux City on Saturday, gearing up for his Thursday appearance at the North Carolina Democratic Convention.

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