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Colorado Shooter Applied to UI

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by Phil Prazan


The University of Iowa community was shocked to learn this week that the accused Colorado movie theater massacre suspect, James Holmes, almost ended up in Iowa City.

Holmes applied for Iowa's Graduate Program in Neuroscience.  But a longtime professor gave a stern warning, eventually leading to Holmes's rejection from the school.
In an email by Dr. Daniel Tranel to the Admissions Committee, the professor said to "not offer admission under any circumstances."

A position that was quickly supported by another member of the committee, Dr. Mark Blumberg, who agreed with Tranel not to admit James Holmes.

Twelve pages of Holmes 2010 application were released Thursday by the University of Iowa.

According to University of Iowa officials, past grades and the interview process weigh the same when deciding on an applicant. Holmes received a 3.9 GPA from the University of California - Riverside, leaving some wondering what were the red flags during the interview.

"If they're willing to word it that strongly - do not admit under any circumstance - then it seems as if several red flags came up during the interview," says Tom Ewing, a UI student.

The University of Iowa is not releasing that information.
"I'm not going to discuss the confidential details of the interview process. It's confidential.  Professor Tranel was indicating that he would not be a good personal fit to our program," says Tom Moore, a spokesperson for the University.

Holmes, a California native, also applied to Kansas University, University of Michigan and University of Alabama. He eventually landed in Colorado as a student at UC-Denver.

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