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Ames Considering Campustown Cameras

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Jason Rantala


The Ames City Council is considering video cameras for its Campustown neighborhood.

Ames Police have been testing two video cameras in the Campustown area for the last few weeks.

Police say the cameras have helped identify someone involved in an assault.

During Tuesday's city council meeting in Ames, police proposed the idea of installing permanent cameras.

The council is asking for more input from those in the Campustown area and will discuss the cameras again at the next meeting.

"There have been individuals that have indicated concern, possibly such as using the term big brother watching over their activities, but overall we have found general support for this initiative," said Jim Robinson with Ames Police.

Matthew Goodman is both a Campustown business owner and a city council member.  He says he's a bit uneasy about the cameras, which he says may trade privacy for safety.

"Is a little bit of increase in safety worth a little bit of decrease in freedom? I think this is probably an issue where I am going to listen to constituents more than any other issue," said Goodman.

Goodman says there's mixed feelings on the council about the cameras, and says they are looking to get more comments from those in Campustown before making a decision.

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