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Weather Safety

National Weather Service Recommended Safety For All Seasons



-Go to the basement or lowest level of your home.

-Go to the interior room on the lowest level of your home, or the center of your basement.

-Stay as far away from windows as you possibly can.

-Use a blanket, pillow or anything else to cover your head and protect it from flying debris.

-If you live in a mobile home abandon it for more stable shelter, such as a storm cellar, basement, house or even a ditch! 

-If you are in a car pull to the side of the road, abandon it, and lay face down in a ditch with your hands over your head.

- NEVER take shelter underneath a highway overpass. The winds actually speed up in this highly confined space.



Severe Thunderstorms 

- Move indoors.

      - Stay as far away from windows as you possibly can.

      - Avoid using the phone, electrical appliances or water.

- If you are stuck outside and near a car get inside, roll up all the windows and  don't touch any metal.

- If you are stuck outside and far away from shelter find a ditch or lower area in the ground and stay as close to the ground as possible.  

- NEVER take shelter under a tree or other tall objects.



- If you live in a low-lying area, near a body of water or a flood-prone area, monitor the water levels near you closely.

- If a flood warning or flash flood warning is issued for your location, or you see water levels rising, evacuate your location immediately and seek shelter on higher ground.

- NEVER drive through water that covers a roadway or bridge.

 It only takes small amount of moving water to sweep your car away.




If you have any weather related question, feel free to e-mail us.

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