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Postal Workers Battle the Cold

Some people still have to be outside regardless of how cold it gets. Even with wind chills in the single digits Monday, postal workers are out doing their job.

After six years of working as a mail carried in West Des Moines, Kevin Burch knows how to handle a cold Iowa day. He comes prepared, dressing in lots of layers.

"Well I've got five on the bottom and four on the top," Burch said.

He spends close to seven hours a day walking door to door delivering mail.

"There really hasn't been a time where they brought us in," he said. "But when the wind kicks up pretty hard you put on a lot more layers on something that covers maybe your entire body."

Burch doesn't rush to his car to warm up. He says it's better to power through his shift and keep moving.

His biggest challenge isn't always the cold. Sometimes it's an icy deck that hasn't been cleared.

"When things start to melt off like on steps the ice will slide out to the very end. So just on the edge there's ice and the rest of the step will look dry and so you've really got to watch out for that kind of thing," he said.

While he may wish for warmer weather, he appreciates a cleared off walk way even more.

"Maybe put some ice melt down so we don't have ice on the steps," Burch said. 

He said he's lucky, even with the bad ice, he's never taken a bad fall.

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