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Gay Marriage Debate Heats up in Des Moines

Gay Marriage Supporters, Protestors Rally Downtown


The debate over gay marriage continues in Iowa even though the issue might not go to the voters for years. The national organization for marriage stopped at the state capitol on Sunday,rallying support for the "let us vote" movement.

The state legislature likely won't take up the issue until at least 2012. Republican governor nominee Terry Branstad has not established a firm position on gay marriage and was not receptive to the ideas from Vander plats following the primary vote in June. But the movement still feels confident they will have their day and their say at the polls.

"We're encouraged and optimistic that we're going to have candidates elected who affirm the basic rights of the citizens of Iowa to have a say on gay marriage," said National Organization for Marriage President Brian Brown.

 One Iowa held their own rally this afternoon countering the national organization for marriage's stop in Des Moines. While arguing in support of the state supreme court ruling, they also made it clear to their supporters that they need to show up in November even if gay marriage isn't up for a vote.

 "We are confronted with the possibility of waking up on November third with a new elected anti–gay governor," said One Iowa said One Iowa Executive Director Carolyn Jenison as the crowd jeered republican candidate Terry Branstad. 

"One or both of our legislative chambers controlled by extremists who seek to deny the right to marry for gay and lesbian Iowans."

The Iowa Family Policy Center, which opposes gay marriage, announced in June they will not support Branstad in the general election.

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